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The Divergence Between Vietnam’s Strong Economy & Weak Stock Market

For those of you who watched our Q2 Webinar, you are familiar with our comments about the divergence of the strong economy in Vietnam vs. the weak stock market. In fact, the Q2 GDP growth for Vietnam was 7.7%, which was even stronger than we expected. The steep decline in the stock market was driven by some external factors that drove global markets down, but the impact of the government’s anti-corruption campaign created negative headlines which decreased enthusiasm from local investors. In today’s insight from Michael Kokalari, he shares how as we enter the second half of the year, Vietnam’s economy is getting even stronger, inflation is under control and corporate earnings are still quite robust.  We expect domestic consumption to power the economy and ultimately drive stock prices higher than they are today. In markets like this, active management is key, as not all companies (and stocks) will be winners.

August 04th, 2022|

Spotlight on Alternatives Platform – Q3 2022

VinaCapital’s Clean Energy & Infrastructure team has been working on several new initiatives to help alleviate Vietnam’s energy and infrastructure challenges, with a view to becoming one of the most comprehensive investors in Vietnam within this field. Our Real Estate team has been developing projects in Da Nang and Binh Dinh – top tourist destinations in Vietnam. Our Venture Capital team made new investment into a Web 3.0 data analytics platform and our Private Equity team divested its stake in a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging via a strategic sale to Indorama Netherlands.

July 25th, 2022|

Vietnam’s Stellar Q2 GDP Growth, Driven by Domestic Consumption

As you may have already read, Vietnam has posted a 7.7% year-on-year GDP growth in Q2 2022, one of the strongest quarterly growth in over a decade.  We expect to have an even stronger Q3 GDP growth number, as the y-o-y comparisons will be vs. last year’s severe lockdown.  Our Chief Economist, Michael Kokalari, breaks down how the Vietnamese economy was able to deliver such strong results despite global economic turmoil and why inflation risks are of lesser concerns here.  While we expect more stock market volatility in the near term based on continued global uncertainty, we remain cautiously optimistic about the Vietnam stock market, as consensus corporate earnings are above 15% and our mutual fund holdings have earnings over 30% – with valuations well below our historical average.

July 18th, 2022|

VinaCapital Ventures Takes Stake in M3TA Inc.

On 27 June 2022 – VinaCapital Ventures, the technology investment platform of VinaCapital Group, announce that it has taken a stake in M3TA, a Web3 data analytics company that seeks to empower businesses in Web3 with the power of data.

June 28th, 2022|