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How To Invest

VinaCapital Investment Portfolio Services (VinaCapital VIPS) is a managed account product for Vietnamese and foreign high net worth individuals.

All investments are managed under a special strategy and recorded separately under a sub-account.

Investment Team

Thu Nguyen, CFA

Managing Director and Head of Investment

Trung Thai, CFA

Investment Director

Huyen Tran, CFA

Senior Investment Manager

VIPS is suitable for individual domestic and foreign investors with larger amounts of investment capital who have medium to high risk tolerance, medium to long-term investment horizons.

Minimum investment amount

VND10 billion per contract

Effective date

The date on which the Mandated Assets are fully credited to the Custody Account.

Investment term

12 months and auto-renewal after that

Return and principal settlement

At the Termination Date

Investment strategy
  • Providing investment opportunities in Vietnam’s stock market, the portfolio consists entirely of listed equities, with the aim of maximizing risk-adjusted returns for investors.

  • The investment approach focuses on rigorous company fundamental research, leveraging our in-house research team and incorporating top-down macroeconomic and policy views from the firm’s analysts and senior leaders.

Investor Benefits
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Good chance of high returns with a strong track record

VinaCapital has an established track record of delivering superior returns, outperforming the Vietnamese stock index over longer periods of time.

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Managed risks

The investment portfolio is structured to carefully balance risk and return.

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Ownership of assets

Each investor has a separate record of their sub-account under a general VIP aggregated account.

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Dedicated service

The portfolio is managed by portfolio managers supported by an experienced in-house research team.

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Transparency and oversight

Managed accounts are regulated by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam and overseen by independent custodian banks. Monthly reporting ensures investors are updated on the performance of the portfolio.

How to invest

Please email us at IR@VINACAPITAL.COM for more information.