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Looking Ahead at 2021

The trajectory for the world in 2021 now seems clear, with economic growth in every country – including Vietnam – likely to roar back as the year progresses. In this note, Michael Kokalari, VinaCapital’s Chief Economist, focuses on the Vietnam-specific factors that are likely to drive investment returns in Vietnam this year.

January 08th, 2021|

The VN-Index is Outperforming ASEAN Stock Markets, and Headed Higher in 2021

In this piece from Michael Kokalari, VinaCapital’s Chief Economist, we highlight the performance of the Vietnam stock market vs. ASEAN peers over three distinct time periods during the past decade. It is very interesting to see how Vietnam’s stock market went from an underperformer to a significant outperformer during the most recent years. The reasons for the outperformance are a combination of a few exogenous factors and important domestic policy decision, which give us confidence that the strong performance of Vietnam’s stock market will continue in 2021.

December 23rd, 2020|

Vietnam’s “Covert Stock Market Rally” is Set to Continue in 2021

In our recent thought pieces, we have focused on the Vietnamese economy as well as the implications of the US Presidential election for Vietnam. In today’s insights from Michael Kokalari, VinaCapital’s Chief Economist, we highlight the recent outperformance of the Vietnam stock market and the outlook for continued strong performance into 2021.

December 08th, 2020|

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