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Notice About Companies Using Names Similar to VinaCapital

VinaCapital is aware of other companies in Vietnam which use similar names to VinaCapital despite having no affiliation with it. VinaCapital is a leading investment manager and real estate development company in Vietnam. It does not operate logistics/delivery or software services, nor does it engage in the sale or trading of cryptocurrencies. The public is warned that there are web sites soliciting those and other services unrelated to the businesses operated by VinaCapital. Those web sites may even use photos, videos, logo, and other intellectual property owned by VinaCapital. Click the title for more information.

June 16th, 2020|

Attracting FII to Vietnam

With the world’s central banks now printing an enormous pool of new money, Vietnam stands to attract significant foreign indirect investment (FII) inflows. We suggest several short and long-term solutions to help Vietnam to maximize this opportunity. Andy Ho, VinaCapital’s CIO, speaks more about this topic in the video at right.

May 28th, 2020|

When America Sneezes

The phrase “when America sneezes, the world catches a cold” alludes to the notion that other nations tend to follow the US, be it for good or bad. Notwithstanding the pun related to the pandemic, equity market direction around the world has been influenced by sentiment on US equities. Ismael Pili, VinaCapital’s Head of Research, explains that those offshore equity investors considering investing in Vietnamese stocks as part of an “off-index bet” might want to consider three thematic buckets: early stage recovery plays, infrastructure, and ‘defensibles’.  Read more for specific sector plays.

May 25th, 2020|

Restarting Tourism in Vietnam

Tourism an important part of Vietnam’s economy, but it is critical that the sector re-open in a way that protects the health of Vietnamese citizens and foreign visitors. Could “Safe Haven Tourism” be the key? Read more about our thoughts about that idea as well as ways to promote domestic tourism in our latest note and in a video presented by Don Lam (at right).

May 15th, 2020|

Boosting Vietnam’s Economic Growth

With public health measures being relaxed in Vietnam, the Government is now looking to re-start the economy. We offer our thoughts in this note and in the related video presented by Don Lam, VinaCapital Co-Founder and CEO.

May 04th, 2020|

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