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Looking Ahead at 2019

Vietnam’s economy continues to be strong: GDP growth is expected to be around 7%, inflation is under control, and the VND has been more stable than most regional peers. In 2019, external, rather than internal, factors are likely to have a bigger impact on Vietnam. We take a brief look at some of the key issues likely to affect Vietnam’s economy and stock market.

December 07th, 2018|

VN Dong Depreciation Pressures Are Increasing

Vietnam’s currency has been more stable than most of its emerging market peers this year, but our Chief Economist Michael Kokalari thinks depreciation pressures will increase in 2019.

November 26th, 2018|

Vietnam: There’s No Contagion Here

Over the past few months, the international business news media has published several articles about the “emerging market crisis” and the fear of “contagion” spreading from a handful of countries to other markets. Turkey, Argentina, Brazil and Pakistan, as well as some Southeast Asian countries, have all experienced significant economic and political challenges. As one of the larger frontier markets, Vietnam was unable to escape this broad sell-off. The fact is, however, that Vietnam is far better positioned than its frontier market peers across a range of key factors. We make the case that Vietnam’s strong macroeconomic and other factors justify our bullish outlook for the opportunities we continue to see in the market.

October 09th, 2018|